Englische Theater an der Werratalschule Heringen

Die Theatertruppe "White Horse Theatre" gab am 10. September zwei Gastspiele an der Werratalschule. Über das Stück "Leaves of Glass" von Philip Ridley, das die gesamte Oberstufe besuchte, schreibt hier Jennifer Link aus dem 13. Jahrgang - passenderweise auf Englisch.

"Only Lies", I think these two little words are the best to describe the play the classes 11 to 13 watched in the assembly-hall of the Werratalschule on Wednesday, the 10th of Septemper. The `White Horse Theatre´ from England presented the play "Leaves of Glass" by Philip Ridley which was first performed in London last year.

The story of the play is about two brothers, called Barry and Steven, who are very different characters.
At the beginning of the story you get to know that their dad died when they were younger. In course of the play the older brother Steve talks a lot about the relationship between the brothers and their father. Barry, the younger one, was always the favourite son and Steve spent more time with his mother Liz. Because of his jealous belief that his dad did not love him as much as he loved his little brother, Steve prostituted Barry to a man who was called "Mister Ghost" by Barry. Mister Ghost abused Barry many times which hurt him very much. These events changed his whole character: First Barry was a happy little boy, but then he became a very confused and aggressive boy with an alcohol-problem because he could never forget the awful things that happened. His brother Steve became a very successful business-man with a beautiful wife called Debbie.
The mother of the two boys has always worried about Barry and she is happy that Steve has been so successful.
At first I thought Barry is the bad character of the play who tells lies and his brother Steve is the good one, but when it became obvious that Steve sold Barry to a paedophile as a revenge for the past, I realized that everything was different from what I had expected.
Beside that Mister Ghost was the teacher of their dad and I think that he was also abused by him because he comitted suicide. This is only an assumption and it is not said explicitly in the story.
In the course of the play Barry wants to bring the truth to light: the fact that his father comitted suicide, the sexual abuse and so on, and he tries to confront his brother and his mother with their memories, but they always try to hide the truth and do not want to see that they have built up a world full of lies. The two do not talk about their feelings and suppress them all the time. Because of this Barry wants to break out of this mad world. He can not stand this situation anymore and dies in a crash with his motorbike. Maybe this can be considered suicide, too, because he could not cope with the situation.

I think the main message of this story is that you have to talk about your feelings because if you do not do it, it could destroy your whole life!

In my opinion the play was acted very well. Everything fit to the story: the actors showed perfect emotions of their roles; the atmosphere was cold and dark like the world the family lived in; and also the sounds you could hear between the scenes fit perfectly.
Although there was only a small stage and the actors did not use many props, the audience could feel the atmosphere of the story very well. The actors used some glass-boxes which symbolized the world full of lies which can easily be destroyed. There were also some ladders on the stage that they used as stairs in some scenes of the play to show that the actors are in another room at the moment.

All in all I would say it was a great idea to watch this play because it was acted very well, but I think the story was very hard to understand sometimes, and because of the difficult language and the complicated relationships between the characters it was not very easy to follow the story.